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Why Crypto-Based Games Are Trending Right Now

Why cryptobased games are trending right now

Crypto-based games are becoming increasingly popular. While blockchain-based gaming is still a niche category, it is quickly gaining millions of players and money. It is still a young industry, and it is a good time to jump on board. These games offer an alternative to traditional video games, and are ideal for players of all ages.

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a new decentralized game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency by participating in PvP battles on multiple realms. Developed on the Unreal Engine, it is a real-time multiplayer game that is built on the multichain Solana Network and Binance Smart chain. The game is praised as the first real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game, and it has partnered with various investors to raise funds.

This multiplayer fighting game is being developed using Unreal Engine, making it a high-quality game. The game is supported by the Binance smart chain and the Solana multichain, which ensures top quality visuals. There are also several game modes, including PVP and PVE.


Silks is an ecosystem that uses its own digital currency, STT, to run a vast gaming ecosystem. Silks NFTs can be traded on online marketplaces. The gaming ecosystem offers a thriving game ecosystem, including popular titles like Axie Infinity. In this game, players can customize their jockey silks and earn rewards through thoroughbred breeding. The game’s NFT values will go up or down depending on how well a horse performs in a race. In order to be able to customize your jockey silks, players must first mint the horse.

Players can also develop lands in the metaverse into horse farms, or invest in real-world horse racing. Silks Horse NFTs track data from real-world thoroughbred horses, and their winners are paid with in-game tokens. These tokens can be used to buy a variety of items in the metaverse.

NFT Champions

Crypto-based games are a relatively new concept and are quickly gaining popularity. They are popular with young people who are looking for something different from the traditional games that they’ve been playing for years. Games like Axie Infinity, which features a multiplayer mode, are available for both Android and iOS devices. The GameFi industry has taken note of these games, and has made them compatible with multiple devices.

In the game, players can explore various lands, fight fantasy creatures, and build a team of knights to defend their town. Another game, BombCrypto, allows players to manage their own cyborg heroes and train them to improve their skills. The game also offers players the chance to earn Bcoins, which can be traded for other cryptos and other items.

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a free-to-play multiplayer game that incorporates play-to-escape mechanics and real rewards. Players can create and customize their own tanks and battle in arena maps. Players can earn rewards by upgrading and customizing their tanks, as well as by selling tank parts on the NFT marketplace. Once they have earned enough SILK, players can purchase more advanced tanks and upgrade their terrain.

The game is currently in the early access beta, and is open to the public and players alike. It is similar to a multiplayer MOBA game, where players select a tank body and weapon to fight their opponents. The skill progression and competitiveness of Spider Tanks makes it an excellent choice for players seeking a competitive experience in an online multiplayer environment.


GameFi is a cryptocurrency-based gaming platform that allows gamers to earn money while playing games. This type of gaming business model has gained popularity over the past few years. In contrast to pay-to-play models, which require gamers to pay companies to play their games, the play-to-earn business model gives players money in return for their game play.

The popularity of this type of gaming has pushed it to the forefront of the Blockchain Gaming Industry. It has the potential to disrupt the $175 billion video game industry. The game developers have taken free-to-play games to the next level and have incorporated NFT and Defi technologies into the gaming platform. Players can earn in-game currency by playing P2E games and can sell these in-game currencies to earn additional funds.